I am a Ph D candidate of Ethnology since fall of 2010. My study deals with Norwegian, Danish and Swedish sex workers on the indoor arena.
The major areas of interest are professional skill and identity, sexuality and bodily perceptions. My methods include in-depth interviews with active sex workers as well as those who have left the industry.

In my study I will apply an intersectionalistic theoretical approach; meaning seeing gender as one position entwined with other such as race, class etc, and, particularly in the context of this study, “official” structure and policies. I will take on the view of seeing the intersecting of positions, such as that between gender and class, as not as locations, but rather processes that bring gendered meanings that vary from individual to individual.




År sorteringsordning


Kock, Ida Elin
El Nadjar, Azza

Menneskelivet bak prostitusjonen
Tidsskrift for Den norske lægeforening, 135(17): 1564-1566